22 December 2010

25 Days of Christmas Days 20-22

This has not been the relaxed, laid-back week for which I had hoped. What was I thinking? Of course this week is busy! It's the week before Christmas!!! Because of this, we had to alter our Monday plan. Day 20 was supposed to be a baking day, and we did actually bake two cakes (Eric needed dessert for an Aflac luncheon). It ended up being a "shop for Dad" day because shopping, in general, took far too long. Traffic was insane. Stores are crowded. I do not enjoy shopping this time of year, especially when I go to three stores and don't find the treasured gift I seek. I digress. Monday, Day 20, our activity was shopping for Daddy. The kids chose the perfect gift for him, and they are pretty excited about it!

Day 21 was baking day, though we didn't get as much baking completed as I had hoped. We're still working on it. Sugar cookie dough is waiting to be rolled. Russian tea cakes are baked. Cake truffles are done(those Aflac folks liked them, but we have PLENTY left over!!!). Cinnamon vanilla toasted walnuts are complete, and they are super tasty! The walnuts were a new recipe, and I am so glad we tried them! Click the recipe title to check it out!

Day 22 isn't complete yet, but, as I type, Eric is gathering the wrapping supplies from the garage (where we have recently discovered a mouse is living!!!), and the kids will get to do some wrapping. They'll wrap the gifts they purchased for each other, and they'll wrap the gifts they bought for Eric and me as well. It's always a fun time wrapping gifts with them and watching to see how they decorate their packages.

Three days til Christmas. Can you believe it? This month seems to have flown by! I'm so glad that we've taken the time to make these memories together. More to come! Check back soon!

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  1. I don't enjoy the stores during this week of Christmas either, and yet it seems like every year I end up there. I'm much too much of a procrastinator! I've enjoyed reading your blog since I started on here!