06 January 2011

Rapunzel and Golden Bunny Rabbits

This kids wrote short stories today using Write Shop's Storybuilders, which they absolutely love using. They're simple and quick story starters. Each child draws four cards with a character, character trait, scenario and setting that they have to include in their story, but then they can just go with it. My kids definitely went with it today! They love when I publish their stories on my blog. If you stop by, thanks for reading them!

Lukas's cards were: dog, picky, forest and turning rocks into golden bunny rabbits. Here's what he came up with.

Once there was a picky alien talking super hero dog from the planet Boys Rock! His name was Superdoogie. His best friend was Johnny X! Aka Doogie and Johnny Test. Anyway, their best power was turning rocks into golden bunny rabbits in It's a Boys World Forest. One day their enemy Super Doctor Evil Guy was about to turn the whole world into hamburgers when Superdoogie and Johnny X destroyed his hamburger ray! Then everything went back to normal The end.

Ava's cards were: hawk, ridiculous, closet, heard a noise in the dark. Note that Ava drew a very colorful picture and then dictated her story to me. She is great with copy work at this point, but her story was a lot longer because she dictated it and didn't have to worry about all that writing on top of her creative process. Otherwise, you would have gotten something like yesterday's journal entry, "I live in Columbus, Ohio," with a picture of our house and church. So here is today's creative writing story...

There once was a hawk. It lived in a dark closet that was pink and purple, and the purple was flowers. The hawk's name was Pretty Princess Rapunzel. She didn't know anything because her brain was too small. She was ridiculous! She couldn't fly, but she could only spread out her wings. Now that's ridiculous! She tried to hit a rabbit, but the rabbit was too far away. She tried to fly over to the rabbit to eat it because her legs were too fat to walk. She heard a squeaking mouse noise in the dark. She turned on the light with her beak. It was a mouse! She was scared because it was squeaking at her. She ate it! The end.

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