12 January 2011


My kids are so enthralled with the ministries in which they are involved at church. When it was time for Ava to move from the Church Mouse Praise House(pre-school) to Kids Matter(K-4), she cried. She loved the Praise House. Lukas is already talking about how much he loves Kids Matter and that he doesn't even care if he moves to Ignition(grades 5-6) next year (I'm sure he's going to change his mind about that once he sees how great it is). 

Tonight, the conversation randomly turned toward Sh!ft, our super awesome youth group. Ava's only experience with Sh!ft is her brief weekly walk through the activity center on her way to the play place (from what she tells me, but that explanation doesn't make sense if you know the location of each of those places).

Completely out-of-the-blue, Ava asked, "Do you have to go to Sh!ft, or can you skip it?"

"I guess you can skip it. Why would you want to skip Sh!ft?"

"It. Is. SO. Boring. ALL they do is SIT around and talk and listen to music. I am DEFINITELY skipping Sh!ft!"

Eric and I giggled under our breath as we imagined how much she is totally going to enjoy just sitting around and talking and listening to music in 6 or 7 years(I promise that is not all they do). How cool is it that she's so content right where she is and not trying to push ahead and grow up before her time? Ava seizes the moment. No one will ever need to tell this little one to seize the day.

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