23 January 2011

Turning 7

Turning 7 is a very big deal. Just ask our new 7 year old. Our sweet Ava asked each day last week if she could start saying she was 7. Each day I replied with, "Nope. You're not 7." 

On Thursday night, I tucked her into bed at 9. At 10:30, I peaked into her room and two big blue eyes were looking back at me. When I asked why she was awake, she told me she was trying to stay awake until she turned 7. I snuggled into her bed with her and talked to her for a few minutes before leaving her to fall asleep, which she finally managed to do around 11.

Greeting Ava on Friday morning was a note telling her that we weren't having school.  We spent our day getting ready for Ava's first slumber party. This little girl could not have been more excited about a birthday party!

Around 5:30, little girls began to show up. We had four little girls spend the night as well as one little boy (Lukas needed someone to protect him from all those girls). We ate homemade pizza, opened girly gifts, ate cake and ice cream, watched countless spontaneous fashion shows, painted nails, applied make-up and did lots and lots of hair-styles. The girls ended the night snuggled into their sleeping bags watching Alice in Wonderland.  The first girl nodded off around 11:30 and the last two nodded off around 2. They were all awake around 7:15, which means that we were all pretty tired on Saturday.  It was, of course, more than worth it.

I kept this party extremely simple. I spent practically nothing. Ava had a blast. Her friends had a blast. Ava's grandparents had fun watching the little girls. Even the boys had fun. Eric and I were blessed because we were able to bless Ava in this way. It was perfect. Just perfect.

7 seems so big to me. Ava thinks it is. She thinks she's taller. She measured herself standing next to me on Thursday and again on Friday. She may not have grown in those two days, but she grew and learned so much in the past year. She spends her days playing with dolls and Barbies and art supplies, creating endless pictures, cards and artistic creations. She cooks with me and even has her own little knife so she can help prepare veggies. She has made great strides in learning when to speak and when to listen. She has grown...which is good, but she's still so little. 7 isn't so big is it? It feels like it. I think I'll enjoy 7...every single moment of it.

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