23 April 2011

Earth Day??? Good Friday???

Did you know yesterday was Earth Day? Did you anticipate it's coming in hopes that the world could be changed by your efforts and the efforts of others around the world because of the eco-friendly activities that take place on this one day each year? Did you expect that Earth Day would change the world?

Yesterday was a day that changed the world, but it had nothing to do with the environment. Yesterday was Good Friday, and so many people overlooked it. It made me sad to see yahoo headlines proclaiming Earth Day as if it were the most important thing in the world and forgetting about Good Friday all together. The most important thing that ever happened in the world happened on Good Friday. Just thinking about it and talking to my children about it moved me to tears yesterday more than once. We explained to our children that they couldn't watch The Passion of the Christ because they weren't old enough, and I could barely get the information out. Our Lord and Savior went through so much for us on that day that we can't even show a graphic presentation of that day to our children. How can that not move one to tears?

I'm not trying to discount the purpose of Earth Day. Christians should be good stewards of the earth. The Lord expects us to take care of the world He has created for us. Practice godly stewardship of the earth, friends. It's important.

Just please...don't miss the most important part of yesterday. Jesus died for you on Good Friday. It was not a good day for Him, but, because of what He did, it became a great day for us. He suffered. He bled. He suffocated. He died. For you. For me. For everyone. THAT changed the world. THAT paved your path to heaven. THAT is what the yahoo headlines should have been raving about. 


  1. AMEN sister, I was so furious to even see the banks open and the mail running =0(