28 April 2011

Eternal Encouragement Magazine

It is no secret that our life has had some kinks in the road lately. We've been faced with challenges, and there have been moments, days and even weeks during which I felt exhausted from it all. During those times, friends and family were there to provide support and encourageement that I needed. They are still there, and I appreciate them, but I am grateful that the Lord provides me with many avenues through which I can find encouragement. During hard times, I also seek out Bible passages and verses that remind me that the Lord helps me to stand during hard situations. Probably 8 or 10 months ago, I was given a new avenue of encouragement when Lorrie Flem, creator of Eternal Encouragement magazine, befriended me on Facebook. I will never doubt the Lord's leading in making this connection for me because I have been blessed and encouraged time and time again because of it.

This month I have been perusing a copy of Eternal Encouragment. It's amazing. From cover to cover, I found articles that were encouraging, informative, challenging and captivating. What Christian woman doesn't want to read a magazine whose purpose is "Inspiring Women to become More like Jesus Every Day?" I love this magazine. I mean I really, really love it.

One of the things that I enjoy is that my heart resonates with all that this magazine encompasses. Within its pages are articles about homemaking, Biblical womanhood, being a godly wife and mother, homeschooling and more. Sounds perfect for me, doesn't it? It is very likely perfect for you as well!

Let me tell you some of the things I loved the most. First, it's purse-sized. This has nothing to do with the content, of course, but I love that it's compact.It's about the size of those Guideposts magazines that I often see at doctor's offices, a design that fits perfectly in your purse so you can carry it to piano lessons, sports practices and doctor's appointments. I love this simple little detail!

One of the underlying beliefs of the creators of this magazine is stated toward the beginning of the magazine. "We believe that God has first delegated to parents the authority and responsibility to teach and raise their children. Parents can delegate their authority to someone else, but they can never delegate their responsibility." AMEN! I knew that I would have to include that in my review because it is exactly what I believe to be true! Are you starting to see why I enjoy this magazine so much?

Let me also share a few points from favorite articles to give you a glimpse of what you'll be getting when you become a subscriber. Lorrie Flem asks, "Are You Contagious?" Um. YES, I am contagious. Good and bad attitudes ooze out around me. I was grateful for the reminder. 

Later, Carole Farmen discusses her daughter's temperament change in an article called "Temper to Tranquility." I was so encouraged by this little window into her journey. Even if your child isn't prone to angry outbursts, it is a sweet reminder that the Lord can change our children (and us) from the inside out! 

In "10 Ways to Make Today Your Best Day Ever," Lorrie Flem shared that she put "Listening, learning, laughing and laying a loving hand on them" on her daily check-off list because those truly are the most important tasks we as mothers do each day. I love this so much that I have written it in my school planbook where I see it each morning and am reminded that the most important thing my children will learn each day is not in a school book.

Of course, you'll find things like informative articles and laughter in these pages as well. I found both in "It is too Rocket Science" written by an unknown author.I laughed as the author took me on a journey explaining how modern rocket science was indeed effected by ancient Rome. You'll also find articles geared toward moms of teens, mother-daughter relationships, nutrition, cooking and more!

Something else that stood out to me is that, while this publication does contain some relevant advertising, there is very, very little. It isn't like most magazines that have advertisements between each article (or on every page). This magazine serves it's purpose so well without providing ample advertising space. Did I mention that I love this magazine? I mean, really, really love it?

To get your copy of Eternal Encouragement, go to www.homemakingwithteach.com and order a subscription(check out all the fantastic finds on their website as well). It is well worth the $25.97 annual subscription rate. As someone who has subscribed to other magazines with similar themes, I found that Eternal Encouragment is exactly what I need. While it does offer the occasional homeschooling idea, the focus of this magazine is not on that. Instead, it is filled with articles written by moms just like me who are down-to-earth and just want to share a little of their journey with the rest of us. Whether or not you homeschool, I believe you'll find edifying articles in these pages. Check it out!

I received this product for honest review from Eternal Encouragement Magazine as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own.  

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  1. Great review Kendra! Thanks for getting it to me. I hope that things calm down for you :)