04 June 2011

Dance Recital 2011

Our little dancing queen danced with her Wiseman Dance Studio peers last night for the last time. I had mixed emotions all day concerning this. I enjoy two of the ladies whose daughters dance with Ava so much both at the studio and away from the studio. Before last night, I didn't have to face that little part of our move yet. I have no choice now since we will have Ava take dance at a local studio in our new community. I shed a few tears thinking about it, but that is not what this post is supposed to be about, so let's move on from the sappy stuff!

Ava was beautiful! Her tap class danced to Weird Al's "I Love Rocky Road" since the recital had somewhat of a candy/sweets theme this year. They did a great job, and watching how much Ava learned this year baffled us. She moved from being a silly little girl dancer to becoming a real dancer. She was, by far, the smallest in her tap class, but she held her own (but I have to admit she rehearsed her little hiney off this year!). We were proud of her performance. It was cute, fun and well done!

Ballet was even better. The girls danced to Fallout Boy's "Lullaby" (I know it sounds odd because it is by Fallout Boy, but it's a beautiful song). The costumes were gorgeous, and the girls did extremely well. Ava's progress, as well as the other girls who have danced together for three or four years, was just amazing. I am so glad Ava was moved into intermediate ballet because it is truly what helped her to shine and grow this year both as a dancer and as a person. She learned so much about self-control and discipline through this class. Keeping up with older girls in both of her dance classes this year helped to stretch her. I'm so, so proud of her!

One of our favorite parts of the annual Wiseman recital is the father/daughter dance at the end. Watching Ava dance with Eric is breathtaking, not because they are amazing or anything (not a lot of time goes into the rehearsals for this dance), but because Ava and Eric both love it so much. It shines through them. They are both so happy, and it's a joy to watch. I hope that wherever Ava ends up studying dance in the fall has something similar to this because we'll miss it so much if they don't!

So now the chapter has ended. All of our many activities in Columbus have ended. Our gas tank (and bank account) will no longer be suffering from countless trips to Columbus. We will not miss those trips, though we will miss some of the people and places that we loved. Onto to new things for us...It's time.

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  1. Very sweet! At the first studio my girls used, there was a father-daughter dance tradition, though not with my girls' class that year. As it turns out, that was a good thing because the director had the men cross-dress (they were "cheerleaders" as the girls were dressed like football players)! Needless to say, we did not return to that studio, lol! But we haven't found another with a similar (but appropriate) tradition, and that's too bad. I hope you do! :^)