02 June 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

My posts are out of order. Technically, I could date this one so that it appears before the one I wrote last night, but I just don't care, at least not enough to do that. I almost archived last night's post about Lukas' piano recital until I wrote this one, but, again, I decided that I didn't care enough to do that. It's unlike me. I'm the girl who alphabetizes and categorizes her CDs. Maybe this is a good sign, right? Hi. I'm Kendra, and I have OCD (not really).

Memorial Day weekend was glorious, the best one we have had in years maybe. We spent Saturday getting ready for a picnic (grocery shopping, cleaning, yard work). On Sunday, we went to church and then we hosted a cook-out here at our house. We had an amazing time. This seems so simple, doesn't it? Maybe amazing seems like too much of a word for this to you, but we really had a blast and loved hosting our family and friends for the afternoon and evening. It wasn't anything fancy. It was just people we love spending time together. 

Making our weekend even better was the presence of my Aunt Bonnie and John. I love when they visit and wish we could see them more often. They live in Toledo, and we don't make it up that way often enough. Mom had a great time with her sister, as always. Plus, my kids love Aunt Bonnie and Uncle John.

Uncle Frank, Mom and Dad and our friends, the Bonars, also came for the picnic. The Bonars are a great blessing to us since moving back. If I told the long version of our story, you would laugh that we count ourselves as friends as adults. As teenagers, Stephanie and I were definitely not fond of each other, but now the Lord is blessing us with a friendship with this couple and their kids that makes us smile. They are incredible people, and their kids are wonderful too. It also doesn't hurt that they actually have boys and a girl, which makes for great playmates for our kiddos.

Small town life is good for us so far. Memorial Day parades always feature people you know. Everywhere you go, you see someone you know or recognize. Even Wal-mart is less annoying than it was in the city (I didn't say it wasn't annoying. Just less annoying), but maybe that's because we almost always get to see Uncle Frank when we're there.

 Kids in the sprinkler and filling super soakers.

 Aunt Bonnie and Mom on my front steps

 VERY cool parade float. They stood there throughout the entire parade route!

 Ava with her Papa (and a stove they are getting ready to sell).

I am feeling blessed by our Memorial Day weekend memories and our new small town life. It was a weekend filled with family, friends, sunshine, parades, sprinklers, sparklers, good food, and fun times. I'll take another weekend like that anytime!

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