26 June 2011

The Revolt of 2020, A Book Review

I am generally a reader of historical fiction, but my dad asked me to read this book, so I decided to give it a try even though it is not my normal favored genre. I was actually surprised by the fact that the content was more captivating than I expected it to be. Even though it is outside my pleasure reading mindset, I very much enjoyed reading the book and even felt challenged by it. That's not too bad for a work of fiction, is it?

The Revolt of 2020 by Dr. Patrick Johnston is a futuristic novel which takes it plot from social, political and spiritual issues that have plagued our nation for decades. Abortion, assisted suicide and homosexuality are themes that run throughout the book. The main characters in this novel (which, incidentally is the first of a trilogy) are pro-life to the extreme, and their intensity of approach takes them to the front steps of abortion clinics and protest rallies across the nation. These Christian fundamentalist protagonists are contrasted with extreme left, socialist characters throughout the book which makes for an intense storyline.

When the building in which the President of the United States is speaking is suddenly blown up during an explosion at a Reproductive Rights rally, the plot takes a turn that causes these protagonists to become public enemy #1 in a situation in which they are presumed guilty even though there is no evidence of their involvement. The Vice President is sworn into office as the new President of the country, and it becomes clear that her socialist regime is ready to take over the country.

Throughout the novel you will find plot twists that involve possible state secession, hostile government take-overs, unjust laws passed for the benefit of the masses resulting in the removal of rights for the individual, rioting, arrests, and more. Does any of that sound familiar? Prophetic maybe? 

While this novel is fiction, it clearly takes its roots in possible future events. I found myself wondering how much of this could and would come true for our country. I found myself challenged and wondering what my role should be in the fight to protect the unborn citizens of our country. Have I been too passive in my approach? Have I done enough? Have any of us done enough?

Obviously, you can tell that this book will make you think. It will do this while captivating you with the twists and turns. I won't say that everything in the novel is 100% believable or that I agree with some of the intentional stereotyping of characters that is thrown about here and there, but I found the book to be interesting and thought-provoking. If you read it, drop me a comment so that I can hear what you have to say!

As far as I know, this book is not yet available in book stores, but you can find it at Amazon.com by clicking HERE.

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