22 June 2011

Keys to a Queenly Castle: A Gabby Moms Review

Ouch. This review topic hit me square on the nose. I don't know if it's because I find myself moving from being completely overwhelmed with my current circumstances to reminding myself that the Lord is managing my circumstances, not me, and, because of that, I can find true rest in His arms. Oh how I look forward to His arms more than ever during this season!

It is true that I am busier than usual, but it's okay. We moved here to be closer in proximity to my parents for this very reason, and I am so glad to be here. Caring for my husband, my children, my home and my parents requires me to be stretched thinner than I have ever been. I am exhausted often. I don't feel like I'm managing or doing anything very well right now. What I know is that the Lord knew I would be listening to this particular MP3 at this point in my life, so He must have intended for me to get something from it regardless of how overwhelmed it caused me to feel at moments. I definitely did get some great, positive points from it.

The item about which I am referring is an MP3 by speaker, Lorrie Flem entitled "Keys to a Queenly Castle." Each point which Lorrie illustrated was completely based on the Word of God. She very clearly stated what the Lord intends for us as wives, mothers and homemakers, and she supported it all with scripture in the gentle yet direct way that she possesses that I admire so much. Even though I am currently feeling a little scattered, I found myself unable to disagree with her unless I dare disagree with scripture, which I shall not do!

What I appreciated so much about this presentation is that so much of what Lorrie said resonates with my own heart. Husbands are the priests of our households and should be honored as such. I need to be joyfully submitting to his leadership. My attitude in doing this and all of the things which I do dramatically effects the atmosphere of my home, and, since I am the queen of this castle, that is something that I need to be taking seriously!

I was jotting down notes as I listened (I am a big note taker since I am a visual learner). Lorrie said, "The way that you do what you're supposed to do changes everything." Isn't that so true? No matter what you are doing, if you are doing it with a poor attitude, then you aren't doing it the way the Lord intended. We actually just discussed this on this very evening with our children during our family worship time. See? God wanted me to understand that point for myself, not just my children, and that may be the very reason that He desired for me to listen to this MP3 on this exact day!

At the end of this recording, I found myself still in agreement with all that Lorrie had to offer, but I found myself even more overwhelmed at my shortcomings(not because of anything Lorrie said or did, but because my castle isn't so queenly these days). I have many. I find myself, even as I type this, wondering how to make my household run smoother in this particular season of life when my floors always seem to need the attention of a broom and mop, when the laundry is perpetually behind and there are still boxes on the second floor of our house that are not yet unpacked (nor are the walls decorated so that this castle looks like it is ours).

Lorrie is an incredible, Godly speaker. Her words will challenge and encourage you as a wife and mom. I am looking forward to hearing more of what she has to say about other topics which are relevant to me as a homemaker. If you are wanting to be challenged or reminded of what God intends for us as women (to be loving wives, nurturing mothers and full-time homemakers), listen to this MP3. I have only given you a little glimpse of what you will hear if you purchase it. Lorrie is amazing.

To purchase this MP3 or another like it, visit www.eternalencouragement.com. You'll find the item HERE in their store for only $6.97. If you prefer to order it on CD rather than an MP3, you can order a CD for $9.97 and have it shipped to you (or to anyone you would like to gift it to).

To read other reviews of this product as well as reviews for another MP3 called Attitude Adjustments, visit the GABBY MOMS BLOG.

Disclaimer: I received this product for honest review as part of the Gabby Moms program. I was not compensated for this post.

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