12 August 2011

Family Fun Times

We have been busy with good things the past few days. The first half of this week was very laid-back and relaxing. The second half has been filled with fun! On Wednesday, I took Ava for her own, personal photo shoot. I don't really care for the photos that the dance studio has done each year with those funky borders and things on them. I want to see my kid in the photo, you know? She doesn't need embellishment, especially ugly embellishment. So, we skipped the dance photo session at the studio and opted to do them ourselves. Here are a couple of my favorite shots:

On Thursday, we headed to my Mom's house since my niece and nephews were here for a visit. I got to visit a little while with my sister before she headed to her in-laws for a couple days leaving two of her kiddos behind. It was a short visit, but I am glad for any time we get together! I love getting to snuggle and love on her kiddos.

Last night, we headed to spend the evening with friends, Roy and Erma, on their Amish farm. My folks went with us as well, and Dad had arranged for Lukas, my nephew, Zack, and Roy's boys to camp for the night. We all had a hot dog roast followed by homemade maple ice cream (hand cranked by all 8 of the kids) and then sat around the fire chatting while the kids exhausted themselves on pony cart rides, bicycles and anything else they came up with (I wish I had snagged a photo of one of the boys pulling the pony cart in absence of the pony).

Today, we picked-up Lukas and headed to Dublin for the annual AFLAC family picnic/carnival. The kids had a blast! There were several inflatables, face painting, balloon creations, super-sized Jenga and Kerplunk games, corn hole, volleyball and several things that I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention. It was tons of fun! Both kids enjoyed the Extreme Air ride (if you can call it a ride. More than an inflatable, but not really a ride since they had to do most of the work???). Ava seriously went on it TEN times. After her 9th time(not in a row. She did other things in between), the guy made her take a break. I sort of couldn't blame him. There weren't any other children in line, but there is such a thing as over-kill. She took a break and then went back once more before we left. They kept her on it for a very long time that time since no one was waiting, which she loved.

Tomorrow, we are planning more free family fun. I'll be sure to post again to tell you all about it!

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