03 August 2011

The Influence of Mothering

Mothering is a deeply complicated subject these days, isn't it? I have written posts recently that have gotten me into a little trouble even though my motives were pure (but only because people read between the lines and found things that weren't there). Even so, I'm going to attempt another post on this topic, a topic that should be so simple and sweet but is utterly complex and too often controversial these days.

Everyone has their own idea about the things that mothering concerns these days. Few subscribe to a June Clever-esque concept of motherhood, fewer care to be grain grinding, goat milking, garden growing hippie chicks, and even fewer subscribe to a truly Biblical model of motherhood. Wouldn't it have been fantastic if God just spelled it out for us in intricate detail that left no room for error? He kind of does. Check out Titus 2 if you're interested in learning about Biblical womanhood as the Lord defines it for us. I don't live to perfection, but I do try to live by this passage of scripture.

That is not really what I want to talk about in this post. It definitely applies to what is on my mind, but it was more or less a free bit of info for your benefit. What I really want to talk about is how women define their worth. It breaks my heart when I hear one who is called "Mama" say that they aren't doing enough to serve the church or community, that they don't "feel" like their life brings enough to the table, that they need to be "doing more" so that they are truly having an effect on the lives of those within their circle of influence.

Um. What??? Mothering is enough. I don't care if you work outside the home or if you don't. Mothering is enough. Mothering provides you with an opportunity to influence not just a few lives, but the lives of future generations in a way that no one else could. The opportunity a mother has is unmatched. Your children, your grandchildren, your great, great great grandchildren will all be influenced by you. Why isn't this enough for the modern woman? 100 years ago, women wouldn't even have given such an ungodly thought the time of day because they were taught to care for their husbands, children and homes in a way that brought glory to God. They were taught that these tasks themselves brought glory to God!!!

The work you do outside your home at a job, church, or community organization pales in comparison to the work you do in your home. If you don't feel like you are valuable, then I dare say you are defining yourself by the wrong standard. The world has unfortunately influenced the church, and that same world may tell you that it is okay to feel like you need more to feel like you are being used, but it just isn't true. You are looking for your value in all the wrong places (did that line just bring up an old love song for you? Totally accidental).

If you are seeking outside opportunities to serve or influence others, I challenge you to look inward. Your children don't need you to be busy. The Father gave them to you so that you could be their greatest influencer. Take it seriously. They'll be gone some day, and then you'll have plenty of time to influence your church, community and co-workers.

You, Mother, are doing God's work when you are choosing to serve at home. Mothering is a noble calling, and we should never look at our lives as if we are not doing enough because we remember those other talents and gifts we have. This is your season to mother. Do it with passion. Do it with grace, hope, diligence, fortitude and honor. When you are through and you are surrounded by healthy, Christ-like adults, your children will rise up and call you blessed!

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