26 August 2011

Oops...a Prayer Request

I'm posting from Eric's iPad. This is one of those very little things that makes me smile. It doesn't take much to make me happy, does it? I guess that can't really be a bad thing.

This will be a super short post, but I wanted to ask the blogosphere to pray about something I did that was not so smart. I bought math curriculum for Lukas on eBay. That part isn't bad. The problem is that even though I had changed my eBay address several times, it didn't get changed in the most important place, which means they shipped it to our old address. The tracking information hasn't been updated in over a week, so I suspect that it is sitting at the post office. I don't know if they'll forward it or return it to the sender. I've already emailed the sender to tell her what happened, and she is willing to ship it again. Of course, while I suspect this person to be honest and kind, who really knows? There are so many reasons to pray about this.

First, the best case scenario is that the package is forwarded ASAP. Second, if it isn't frwarded, pray that the seller is honest and ships it to us right away (once we pay for shipping again). Third, we are starting school on September 7th, so we need it here before then no matter what happens. If none of this works out, we cannot afford to purchase it again. Please join us in praying!!! I'll keep you posted!

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