10 September 2011

10 on 10

ten on ten button

My friend, Amy at This and That, has been doing the 10 on 10 blog post for months. I loved the idea the first time she did it, but every single month, I forgot to do it. Once, she was even AT MY HOUSE taking some of the photos, and I STILL forgot to join her. This month, I somehow remembered, and, while I didn't take one photo every hour, nor were my photos super artsy or creative, I did manage 10 photos during my day. It was a lot of fun, and we had some interesting discoveries that made it even more fun! Here are my 10 on 10 photos...

 Whole wheat/spelt apple-cinnamon pancakes. We enjoy brunch together most Saturdays. These are delicious and easy to make from scratch (you don't have to use spelt or whole wheat unless you want to).

 My Bible and journal. I spent some time with Jesus after brunch. I bought this Bible cover on my honeymoon 13 years ago, and the Bible inside is the Life Application Bible that was given to me by my church when I graduated from high school. It is still my everyday study Bible. I love it!

 Eric mowed the grass and unstaked tomato plants and pulled and trimmed weeds. I took this shot through the kitchen window because I was still wearing my PJs. It is Saturday, after-all!

This smells SO good! It's a super cheap mulled cider candle from Wal-mart. I suggest you all run out and buy it because IT ROCKS!

 When you wait too long to mow your yard, little things build nests in your field. Eric discovered a nest of baby bunnies(more like, he nearly scared them to death so they decided to hop out of the nest). We saw at least 4 in the nest, and then he decided to leave that little patch un-mowed. We held this little guy and then put him back into the nest (and also returned 2 others to the nest when Eric tried to mow too near to them again). They were too little to even be afraid of us! I hope their mama comes back.

The kids wanted frozen vanilla yogurt pops. These should be ready to enjoy tomorrow.

This was the next back yard discovery. It was almost dark when Eric discovered this praying mantis. It was seriously at least 4 inches long. We had never seen one so big!

 I spent quite a while doing library book reserves for school today. I'm checking out the Zanesville Library to see if I like it better than Coshocton. I probably miss the Columbus Metro Library system more than anything since moving!

 I updated the verses in our Bible memory box by adding the new verse we'll be starting to memorize this week and adding the verses that we discussed with the kids because they already know them (good for review). If you want to read more about this project, see my Weekly Wrap-Up post from yesterday. 

This was the principal's first day of school gift to me. I love it! I had fun this evening getting it all set for the month. Yes, I even added the stuff we already did just because it would have looked weird if I didn't have anything written on the first two weeks. ;)

To join me and lots of other 10 on 10 participants, go HERE and find out the details.


  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that you did this. I love reading these things. :) I love your calendar. Your candle sounds yummy. CUTE bunnies. I hope they will go back to their spot.

  2. Oh the baby bunnies are too much! My dad did the same thing last year. I think he was tilling out their garden spot, and lo and behold, he found a nest full of tiny little bunnies. Adorable!

  3. We have a family of rabbits that live in our yard. They dont even run when we get super close!

  4. looks like lots of good stuff going on at your place. thanks for sharing your day!