07 September 2011


10. The number of years in a decade. The number of decades in a century. The number of fingers on our hands. The number of toes on our feet. The number of children my grandparents had. The number of places I have lived since becoming an adult. 

The number of years since I became a mother.

Lukas turned 10 yesterday. It is...unbelievable. 10 sounds like such a long time. The person I was 10 years ago is so different from the person I am today in a very, very good way. The person my child has become is incredible. He is...incredible.

In the past year, I have watched as this little boy became more and more independent, more and more helpful around the house, more and more inclined toward spiritual matters and more and more of what Jesus wants him to be. He struggled through fourth grade math, but he never quit. He pushed through a very challenging level of swimming lessons and rejoiced when he passed. He put on the bravest face possible when we told him we were moving. He never complained when he voiced his concerns. He cried a couple times. He once asked if we could move back to Columbus, but he never complained and always understood and supported our decision.

This is a child who has begun offering to do chores around the house, and he loves to help his grandparents too. He willingly vacuums, helps Nana grocery shop, helps organize, sweeps floors and mows the grass. I love seeing this attitude of service being cultivated in his young life. It will take him far someday.

Recently, we spoke to the kids about some things that we believed needed to be changed in our household, and Lukas spoke up and confessed why he agreed with us. I was so proud of him in that moment. Confessing sin is hard sometimes, but he knew he could safely share with us just as we were sharing with him. It showed great maturity on his part.

10 years old. He is so big...and still has so much growing to do. This boy will become a man of God someday. I know this because I can already see the roots and sprouts of that man of God. He is a young man seeking the ways of the Lord. He is funny. He is kind. He gives the best hugs a mama could ask for. He loves his little sister. He enjoys his friends. He is learning fortitude, diligence and compliance.

He is...amazing. I love this boy. I'm so glad the Lord gave him to us. 10 years of motherhood...has been my greatest joy.

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