24 October 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week...I see blessings everywhere I look. I feel like God is just pouring his love on me and my family lately.

In our homeschool this week...We read the book of Jonah Friday and Saturday, so we watched the VeggieTales movie this evening just for kicks. God taught me new things through this study of Jonah. Isn't that the way it often works when WE are teaching our KIDS? 

We'll be learning about marsupials in science this week, and we started reading Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car for Five in a Row today. Quite frankly, the moral of the story is, well, not really there. None of us liked it, so I need to look more in depth at the unit to see if we're even going to bother with it. There are too many great books to waste our time on one that we don't like. 

Ava is finishing Math-U-See Alpha on Wednesday, and we're going to spend some time drilling math facts before moving onto Beta in a few weeks (or whenever I think she's got more of them down). Lukas is doing super well in math. I've never given him a grade before, but I would estimate that he carried a B last year with Math-U-See, and he worked so hard for it. I checked his grade with Teaching Textbooks, and he's currently carrying a 96 and not working nearly so hard so far!!!! Vision therapy and a curriculum change have helped him so much!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share...If your child isn't getting something or even if life takes over and you fall behind, just keep plugging away. Do the next thing even if you think your child is behind. They'll blossom when they're ready.

I am inspired by...books. Fiction. Non-fiction. Self-help. Devotionals. Children's lit. Picture books. Christian fiction. Literature. The Bible. Books, books, books.

Places we're going and people we're seeing...Tomorrow, we're having somewhat of a field trip day. We're taking advantage of the expected 68 degree, sunny day by taking school photos outdoors and then picking up my mom and picnicking. I think we're going to Warsaw Park. My kids have never played there, so I'm excited to share yet another of my favorite places with them!!! Thursday is trick-or-treat night around here, and the kids want to dress up and pass out candy (we don't do the door-to-door thing because we try to avoid the dark side of the event). Friday, the kids will go to trunk-or-treat at our church with my parents, and Eric and I will head to Dublin for a very nice dinner with some AFLAC colleagues. 

One of my favorite things...Family worship. Tonight, Eric taught from our devotional, and then we had a longer-than-usual time of worship through music. It was so obvious that the Holy Spirit was right here in our living room.

What's working/not working for us...Answers is Genesis Science is going very well. The kids weren't sure about it at first, but, on Friday, Lukas told me that science is his favorite. Of course, tomorrow, his favorite might be math, and next week it might be writing in his journal. He has lots of favorites.

Questions/thoughts I have...Be purposeful about the relationships with the people you love. People should be more important to you than any of the activities in which you are involved or even the everyday duties of a being a mom.

Things I'm working on...showing grace.

I'm cooking...pork fried rice with trimmed pork (My desire to make sure it was lean meant taking 20 minutes to trim and slice it before cooking. This meal will not be featured on Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals), carrots, peas, cabbage, onion, and brown rice. Delicious and healthy (since I don't technically "fry" it).

Tomorrow, I'm finally getting around to the meal the kids planned. From scratch, oven-baked chicken strips, baked tater tots, green beans, peaches and ice cream. I will not eat the ice cream because it would likely make me sick.

I'm also making homemade vegetable soup this week. I already have the ground beef browned and ready for the crock on Wednesday. I'll serve it with a fresh loaf of bread and locally made apple butter. It's the best!

I'm reading...The Last Battle. I love the Narnia series, and my children now absolutely love it. BUT...I'm truthfully ready to read something different. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if we all go through withdrawl when we're done.

I'm grateful for...spontaneous visits with my parents. Yesterday, we decided to head to their house after church and then spent the entire afternoon there.

I'm praying for...encouragement for my husband.

A photo to share...

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