10 November 2011

10 on 10

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The kids wanted poached eggs and toast for breakfast. Poached eggs don't make for a pretty photo, so I aimed for the toaster. I did not shine my toaster for the photo. Obviously. You get to see it crumbs and all.

Usually, Ava cuddles next to me during her reading lesson, but, today, she sat across the room from me because I was eating lunch. We were under a time crunch. She is reading so well lately. I'm proud of her progress! (This chair seems to be a theme in this month's Ten on Ten.)

Ava pretty much attacked Daddy when he came home mid-afternoon. She didn't know he was coming and pretty much could not have been happier. Is this not adorable? (Recliner photo #2)

The reason Daddy was home. He had an eye appointment that I needed to take him to. The glasses he chose are not on this wall. You will have to wait to see them in a couple weeks! I'm sure you're on pins and needles.

After Daddy's eye appointment, we headed to dance class. Ava wore one Tink sock and one Strawberry Shortcake sock and her "new" tap shoes. She couldn't be happier with them, scuffs and all. I can't believe how long her feet look lately. She is in that stage where she needs to grow into her feet a little. Either that, or she just got my feet. Or her Dad's. Our poor kids will have long feet!

On our way home from dance class, we saw a gorgeous sunset. I had to turn around to get to the spot where I could get a good photo, and would you believe the sun had dropped below the horizon in that little bit of time? It was still pretty, but you should have seen it when the sun was bright pink, sitting right on top of that hill like it was taking a rest from the busy day.

Next, we picked up Eric and Lukas and headed to the church. I had flute choir rehearsal. It is so much fun to have the opportunity to play with other flutists!

After flute choir and adult choir rehearsal, we headed home to finally have dinner. Lukas wouldn't let me take his photo earlier when I wanted to, so he promised me I could take one of him eating a taco.

This appears to be guac deliciousness, but it was awful. We learned not to buy avocados at Aldi. This hit the trash can. It was that bad.

Eric started reading a new book to us tonight before the kids went to bed. It's called Fireside Readings. I think it was written in 1890. It was a hit!

To join me and lots of other 10 on 10 participants, go HERE and find out the details.

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