27 November 2011


Thanksgiving. One of my favorite days of the year. This Thanksgiving is one of the best I can remember in recent years. I got to host the meal, which is my favorite way to spend this holiday. I love getting my house spic-and-span only to destroy the kitchen half a dozen times in order to produce a delectable feast that everyone will enjoy. 

This year, we were joined by my parents, my Uncle Frank and, our friends, the Hershbergers. I felt like I got off easy on the meal since Mom made two side dishes and two pies, Erma made two side dishes, and Uncle Frank brought a pie as well. The turkey and dressing were done early (that's the first time that's ever happened). The other side dishes went into the oven and got done just as everyone was arriving, and I even managed to watch most of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade while doing all of this. When dinner was ready, we gathered in the dining room and enjoyed great conversation, great food and fun times. 

Getting ready for the holiday was a family affair this year. Our kids rock. Seriously. They really, really do. They dusted and swept and crafted table decor and set the table and whatever else we asked of them, and they didn't complain even once. They're amazing kids.

They take after their Daddy who also did all of those things, not because we were having company, necessarily, but because he knew that I wanted it done before the holidays. Our company wouldn't have known whether or not we had moved the couches and mopped underneath them, but I wanted it done, and so Eric helped me move furniture and a whole lot more. Our house is squeaky clean, and I am so thankful for willing hands that helped to make it so.

Thanksgiving was good this year. Great, even. A girl can't forget to say thank you for every little thing after a year like this one. We are blessed. God is caring for us. He will continue to do so. I have to believe that. For that, I am truly thankful.

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