05 December 2011

25 Days of Christmas 2011 Days 4-5

Day 4
Legacy of Love Christmas Program
The kids at our church ministered last night by performing the musical, Legacy of Love. Lukas had a significant speaking part and a solo. Ava had a beautiful solo, which she got to sing with her Daddy since Eric had the one adult part in the play. Here are a few more pictures from the performance.

You needed to see the full view of the famous Christmas sweatshirt.

Day 5
Angel Ornaments
Top left: Ava, Top right: Lukas
Bottom left: Eric, Bottom right, Kendra

It was a pretty big deal to the kids that we all make one of these, so we did. We had to modify the instructions, which you can find HERE (I found it on Pinterest, of course), because I didn't have the beads with faces, and I wasn't planning to go buy them just for this craft.We used marbles, which meant we also had to modify how the string was attached a little and trim the top of the cone shape so that there was a little opening. It worked. They turned out beautifully and will soon be hanging on our tree (the kids will hang them in the morning since the glue needed some time to dry).

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