08 December 2011

25 Days of Christmas Days 6-8

Day 6
St. Nicholas Day
 Lukas coloring a picture of St. Nicholas

Ava was sitting right next to me. Don't you love her "Laura" braid (she calls them Laura braids after Laura Ingalls Wilder).

St. Nicholas Day is not a day that we necessarily celebrate since we are not Catholic, but the real St. Nicholas was a pretty phenomenal man, so we take the time to read The Story of St. Nicholas each Christmas. This year, we went a little more in depth discussing how some of the legends began and how St. Nicholas is celebrated throughout Europe. At the end of all this, I thoroughly expected my 10 year old to ask about Santa, but he did not. He still believes, and I'm okay with that. 

Day 7
Frosty the Snowman
So, I didn't take a photo. I thought about taking a pic of the TV screen, and I thought about taking a pic of the DVD case, but the case actually has a bunch of Christmas specials on it, so I didn't. We watched Frosty whilst enjoying dinner in the living room. And, if I'm telling the truth, we had a bump in the road on the 7th, so we watched this on the 8th. And, since I'm telling the whole truth, you should know that I can quote half the lines in Frosty the Snowman, and I am most proud of this feat.

Day 8
Family Game Night

We let the kids decide between Wii or board games, and they both agreed on Wii games for this evening. That's right, the children AGREED. We played MarioKart, Super Mario Brothers and Lego Rock Band. It was a fun evening! We should do this more often!

Check back to see what fun things we do over the weekend. We've got some great things planned!

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