21 January 2012

And She is 8

8 years old. Still so little, but so, so big. Ava thinks she is big, but I still see little. Baby dolls, Barbie dolls, ballet, watercolors, stuffed animals, doll houses, playdough...these are the things that fill her days. She roller skates and rides her bike and climbs trees and swings as high as she possibly can. She is noisy and active and wonderful.

And she is growing...too fast...so maybe she's right. Maybe she is big.

She cooks with me. She helps Daddy load the dish washer. She wants to sweep and mop the floors, but mama is a little controlling about clean floors. Sometimes I let her. Of course I do. This is how they learn.

She loves being read to. She takes adventures to Narnia via book, movie or pretend play. She describes herself as an artist. She dances, sings, paints and creates. She is a free spirit, but she loves Jesus.

She wants to make you happy, me happy, everyone happy. Feeling down? She will cheer you up. Feeling grumpy? She's the girl who will make you smile.

I find myself wondering often how I could be so blessed to have this little girl in my life. She wants to be with me all the time. She wants to snuggle on the couch to read or watch television or just for the sake of snuggling with me or with her Daddy, who has to be her favorite person in the whole wide world. She adores him (and he adores her). 

She wants to be like me. Crazy, right? She homeschools her American Girl dolls. She writes in a journal when she has her daily quiet time. She wants to be like me. This great privilege I have is also a great responsibility. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Because...

I adore this little girl. This little, big girl who is 8. She makes everyday better. God gave her to me to take care of, but on that day 8 years ago, I didn't realize that He gave her to me because I needed her as much as she would need me. Maybe more. And I am thankful. And I will cherish everyday with her.

Happy birthday, baby girl. I love you...more than these words can express. You take my breath away.

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