21 January 2012


While no one has mentioned it, I think someone out there has probably noticed my blogging hiatus. Or maybe not. Either way, I'm back.

As I mentioned last month, I had pneumonia. Unfortunately, while I am much better, I still have "a little" pneumonia. This means that if I do everything I would do on a normal day, I end up collapsing in the late afternoon or evening, incapable of keeping my eyes open, completely exhausted. Tonight, for example, I couldn't make it to the end of Secretariat. It hit me so fast. I was watching Secretariat being led to the last race in the Triple Crown, and BANG! Sleep. The movie ended, and I remember Eric waking me to start our family devotional and, again, BANG! Sleep. This is not normal. I don't sleep unless I'm in bed. I especially don't fall asleep on the couch mid-evening for an hour and a half. Pneumonia is not something to mess with. Don't get it. 

On top of pneumonia, our family has been thrust into a very dark situation. It isn't something I can write about in my blog directly. I wish that I could. Unfortunately, someone very close to us has caused us to be in a very difficult position, and it is going to take a while to sort it out, if it can be sorted out. Because of this, I haven't felt like writing much. When someone does something this terrible, when your family is wounded and you can't really share it, it almost feels fake to write about the everyday stuff that's going on around here. That isn't my intention, and, someday, I may be able to write about this. That time just isn't now.

However...I'm at the point that I realize that I still want to write. I still need to write. I may not give the details of our situation, but know that it is there. I will write about the things that I normally write about because that's what I do. That's what helps me to get through everything. Writing is cathartic.  I'm not trying to be duplicitous. I'm just trying to get through.

Pray for us. We need your prayers more than I could ever have imagined we would.

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