15 April 2012

Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon we had the rare opportunity to be home without the kids. They're in a musical at church (which I have no part in directing), and they had rehearsal all afternoon. So what did we do with this time at home? For the first part of the afternoon, we just hung out, both of us with our laptops on our laps, enjoying the company of one another with no specific agenda. Later we watched one of our favorite movies, and I touched up my mani-pedi.

I don't know about you other wives out there, but isn't it nice to be able to just simply be with someone that you know so well, who knows you so well, with no specific agenda? You can talk, or you can be silent. You can listen to great music together or you can sit in a quiet house listening to the breeze. You can watch a movie or not, play a board game or not, kiss each other or not. ;)

I couldn't resist. Heehee!

I know this is nothing new for most of you. I was just noticing what a blessing it is today. Being with  my husband on a quiet Sunday afternoon was just what I needed today. I'm grateful for this rare afternoon blessing.

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