19 April 2012

The Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012
It's that time of year again. The Ultimate Blog Party is happening this week. I love this blog hop. It's fun. It's simple. I can just write whatever I want without answering a list of questions. That should make it easy, right?

The thing about a list of questions is that it tells me what you want to know about me. It gives me a teeny-tiny window into the reason you might be stopping by my little cyberspot. Since I don't have a list of questions, which I've already told you should make this easier to accomplish (note: this is draft #3), I guess I should get on with my introduction, right?

Maybe it's not so easy. I'll just stick to the basics.

I'm Kendra. Many things describe me. Worshiper. Christ follower. Devoted wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Homeschooling parent. Flutist. Singer. Home cook. Photo taker. Obsessive. Claustrophobic. Crafter. Care giver. Seeker of knowledge. Museum goer. Nature lover. Field trip planner. Nostalgic. Reader. History student. Detailed. Planner.

You get the idea. The first two are the most important. I love Jesus! Combine those two things with music, and I am on fire! I thrive being a SAHM, and I am so grateful for the vision God has given to my incredible husband for our family. We have chosen for me to stay home through thick and thin. I've been homeschooling my kids since preschool, and I love it. This is our 6th official year (counting back to when the oldest started kindergarten). It is what keeps me the most sane during this season of life when I'm spending much time helping to care for my most amazing mom, who is fighting stage 4 uterine cancer. I look forward to those moments when I am snuggled with my kids on the couch reading a great book, learning about moments in history, or discovering truths in the Word together during family Bible study.

Last year, we moved to a town about 15 minutes from my hometown. I love living here. It feels like home. People here are amazing and welcoming. I am a small town girl. If my husband would let me, I would have chickens and goats, but, alas, I am destined to rely on other people's wholesome local food sources.

Usually, my blog posts are sort of organized and make sense. This one? Not so much, but maybe that's because it reflects the way my life is right now. Things are a little more chaotic than they used to be. Things are a little too busy, but no matter how crazy and hectic life gets, God has everything mapped out for me, and that's the one thing you will always see when you read my blog. I hope that you'll return and check me out again! Leave a comment, and I'll take a little visit to your little spot in the blogosphere too!

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  1. I'm here from the UBP - I'm happy to meet another sister in Christ and homeschooler! Don't feel bad about multiple drafts for this post - it took me a couple of hours to complete mine, too.