13 June 2012

10 on...Errrr...12???

I have been missing the fun of taking 10 photos on the 10th of each month. It was Sunday evening when I realized it was June 10th, so I decided to do it on the 11th. However, I had an uber-productive day on the 11th here in our humble abode, so I didn't actually take 10 photos. I thought it would be fun to do 11 on 11, but here I am, posting this on June 12th, and I still only managed 10 photos. But really? Don't you think that 10 photos is enough for any one blog post anyway? Anywho...here goes. This month it's 10 on 12.

 I cut Ava's hair, and it is much shorter than usual. She decided she wanted piggies and then called this her country girl look. Please note, she is biting her lip on purpose, but the buck teeth look does lend itself well to her country girl look.

 Ava really wanted this to be included in the 10 on 10 post. She is obsessed with doing this and various other dance moves right now. This always happens right after her recital when she sees older girls doing different things. It's completely adorable.

 This is the book I'm studying with a group of ladies from church and my trusty journal, which I love. God is speaking to me so much through it, but not necessarily in the way the book is intended.

 It's another pic of Ava, but I couldn't resist. She is reading from The Beginner's Bible. I'm so proud of the progress she has made in her reading skills in the past 5  months!

 Yummy iced latte!

 Lukas working hard on his math.

 I washed and folded a TON of laundry!

 Surprise! Lukas entered the Transformers Prime contest (with Eric's permission) and he won! He found out today when FedEx showed up at our door with these Transformer toys, which Lukas LOVES! Perry is also excited. Haha!

 Bible project. This is the fish and loaves. Behind each one are the scriptures that tell you where to find the miracles of Jesus in the Bible. It's going to be part of a lapbook, but we have several more projects to complete first.

Today was my dad's birthday. He wanted a raspberry and orange Jello cake with cool whip on top. Isn't it pretty?

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