27 June 2012

The Story of our Wedding Part One

I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday. I want to believe that everyone feels that way about their wedding day. Don't you wish that for other people? For yourself? Weddings should be surrounded with idealistic thoughts. Beauty, serenity, joy, blessing. I loved my wedding day. The entire experience was wonderful.

I remember what I wore to our rehearsal. I wore a favorite summer dress instead of buying something new, sleeveless, blue with flowers on top and tan on the bottom. We headed to the church and rehearsed the ceremony that would be one of our most favorite blessings. We giggled and smiled and enjoyed the rehearsal dinner together with those friends and family who we loved so much. Our parents, siblings with their spouses and kids, college roommates, long time friends, and others who were special to us were part of that evening. It was a beautiful evening filled with the anticipation of the next day.

After the rehearsal dinner, Eric drove me back to my parents' house. We sat in Mom's gorgeous, serene flower garden together and talked about the next day for just a few minutes. Eric held my hands in his as the sun was starting to get lower in the sky, and we prayed together. Eric headed to a hotel so that he could spend the last night of his unmarried life alone with the Lord, and I headed into my parents' house as a single lady for the last time.

I was concerned that the anticipation would be too much for me to sleep that night, and that proved to be true. I remember God blessing me with gentle thunderstorms that night. I slept with the window above my bed open, listening to the rain hit the river, watching the lightning dance on the ceiling. Eventually, I slept, and I wasn't tired the next morning. I awoke early enough to enjoy a warm bubble bath, and then I headed to the salon with some  of my bridesmaids.

My hair was pulled into a lovely half-up do with twists on the side and curls flowing down in the back. My fingers were shining with a French manicure with just a little sparkle in it. We left and went through McDonald's drive-thru to buy Happy Meals because everyone kept telling me that I had to eat lunch. I ate in the dressing room while applying my own make-up. I wanted to look like me on my wedding day, so I chose to apply my make-up myself.

To be continued...

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