17 July 2012

Homeschooling Series

I recently started following the blog of a fellow homeschooling mom who lives in Texas. We attended college together, and, while we didn't really know each other in college, she did know my husband, so we do have that connection. She recently wrote a series of posts on homeschooling that got me thinking about what people think we actually do. I know that I always thought that homeschoolers were weird before I became one (and maybe for a while after too), that they kept their kids in a neat little box so that they were unblemished by the world, and, like so many people, I thought they spent their days sitting in little desks plugging away with textbooks and workbooks all day long.

I am so very glad that isn't an accurate picture of our life, so I'm kind of copying Julia's idea and telling our homeschooling story. Go read about their journey with Julia at A Nutter Experience. I think you'll enjoy her insights, not just about homeschooling, but her other thoughts as well.

Come back for my next post about what I thought about homeschooling BEFORE taking the plunge. I'm embarrassed to say that my thoughts were somewhat typical American. Crazy. Nutso. Weird. Yep. That's what I thought about homeschoolers. You too? Good. I'm glad I'm not alone in this journey.I have found that few people lack a strong opinion about homeschooling. Come along with me throughout this series to discover how this homeschooling mom's opinion has evolved over time. Check back soon for another post!

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  1. I came over to read your blog again and was honored to see the link to mine. Thanks! Thanks for sharing about your decision to homeschool and I look forward to reading more about educating your kids.