06 July 2012


Insurmountable. This is a human word. It doesn't exist in  God's vocabulary. He would never say it. He wouldn't think it. Neither should we.

My family is facing what some people might believe to be insurmountable circumstances, but we know the truth, that we serve a God who can do all things. We're not trying to do anything on our own. We are praying together and leaning on the Father. Eric and I pray together. We pray with the kids. We have had to trust them with more than the hearts of any 8 or 10 year old should have to be trusted, but this is what life is right now. They have learned hard lessons, but they have learned good lessons. God is good. All the time. He is all we need.

If I felt at liberty to reveal all that we are going through, you would be shaking your head from side to side, wondering how we're still pressing on. I wondered for a while. It felt like we were sinking, swirling out of control in a storm beyond the confines of anything we have ever experienced. The pressure was overwhelming. The decisions that lay before us were indeterminable. We were nit-picking every decision, every thought, everything we know that we know that we know about God's plan for us. 

There was emptiness. There was wondering. There was doubt in ourselves and our ability to make grown-up decisions. There was the feeling that adolescents get when they are trying to make decisions they aren't yet prepared to make, decisions for which they still need their parents. We needed Jesus. Our awareness of our need for Jesus was greater than it ever had been.

There was prayer. There was Bible study. Wisdom seeking from trusted believers. Advice taking. 

I began to pray that no matter what decisions we made, that we had unity. I knew that I needed to trust God through my husband. This has been a struggle for me in the past, but the Lord has done a mighty work in my heart. It even occurred to me that this might be part of God's purpose for me during this season. Refining my submission skills. I can't tell you what a blessing it has been for me to do so, but that is a topic for another post.

Unity. It came.

Since unity is what I asked God to provide, He did it. It wasn't that we were arguing about the choices that lay before us. It was simply that the task of making the right choices seemed to be insurmountable, as I said. Difficult doesn't begin to describe it. You know that phrase, "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade?" Well, what do you do when life throws you watermelons? That's what we had to decide. How do you make lemonade from watermelons?

I still don't know how everything is going to work out for us. We are making one decision at a time. We are praying. We are seeking God. We have dozens of people praying with us and for us, offering advice, wondering if we are off our rockers, trusting us to make right decisions. We are devoted to not wavering in our stance. God is God no matter what happens. 

God. Is. God.

What I know is limited, but what I know is this. When you pray seeking God's will for your life with an open heart willing to accept whatever God chooses to do, that is the point at which God begins a new work in your life. When you pray knowing that the answer absolutely isn't going to be exactly what you would like it to be, knowing that what you really want is what God wants for you and your loved ones, even if it might make life seem...


That's when God works miracles. That's when God changes your heart. Changes your mind. Confirms His plan. Directs your footsteps. Clarifies. Loves. Cherishes. Holds. Teaches. Loves.

God's got this. I have a peace that passes all understanding. I truly cannot explain it. Our plan is set before us. God knows what is going to happen, and I don't. It may be that I don't like what is about to happen in our life, but I don't have to like it. I just have to grow through it. Be faithful anyway. It may be that God has to pull me through the eye of a hurricane to get me through it, but what I know that I know that I know is that...

He will.

He will pull me through if He needs to.

He will carry me.

He will push when I need it.

He will grow me.

I am learning to trust, and I am witnessing great things in my life. 

Whatever happens in your life, choose to trust. Choose to believe that God has your best in mind. 

Choose Him.

With God, all things are possible.

Nothing is insurmountable. That word? It doesn't exist in God's vocabulary.

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  1. I love you! Thanks for that reminder. I needed to hear it!! Thanks for being such an amazing wife and encouraging me to be the spiritual leader that God designed me to be! I am truly blessed because of you!