15 February 2013

Looking Through the Window of Blessings...2

While reading a short portion of Ann Voskamp's book today, I was inspired by her words once again.

"When I name moments- string out laundry and name-pray, thank You, Lord, for bedsheets in billowing winds, for fluff of sparrow landing on line, sun winter warm, and one last leaf still hanging in the orchard- I am Adam and I discover my meaning and God's, and to name is to learn the language of Paradise."

And so I continue to name God's blessings...

51. Love notes from my sweet husband
53. Phone chats with my sister
54. The opportunity to love
55. I Peter 5:10 texted to me by my husband
57. All those cards Mama faithfully sent
58. A man who prays for me and loves me
62. Noise
63. Silence
66. Longevity in friendships
71. Honest words from a child searching for faith
73. The smell of chocolate
76. The smile on her face
81. Heart-shaped pancakes
90. Snow falling ballerina soft
92. The memories held in the photos

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