01 March 2013

Looking Through the Window of Blessing...7

I'm still learning through this book, One Thousand Gifts. Some days, I write a dozen or more gift-moments in my notebook. Other days, I chronicle only three or four. I watch as I am doing this and realize that it is less about my attitude on those days and more about the busyness of any given day. I should toss my notebook into my purse when I am out and about. Maybe then those days will reflect the true gratitude I feel for each gift. Maybe then I'll remember those moments that I don't seem to be able to remember once I am home.

Voskamp mentions repeatedly throughout the book that these gift-moments, full of joy, seem to come to life when written down or spoken. She compares us to Adam, naming the animals. I'm naming the gifts. It's an interesting parallel that I am not even able to begin to explain well to you, so I suggest you do what I'm doing. Read the book. You will love her fresh perspective.

250. Random hugs from a boy never too big

253. Happy boy sounds as he works his way through a chore

255. Eric's safety protected in an auto accident

258. Piggy-tails

262. Brief reminders of dear Aunt Ruby

263. Ava's reaction to me in a pretty dress

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