10 April 2013

April 10 on 10

 Boy in his morning spot during family devotions.

 Girl tanning in the living room with Kit and Kanani. Beach umbrella blocking the bright sun.

 Kit and Kanani needed more imaginary sunlight near the peace plant.

 Family Bible given to me by my parents. It sits on an antique gossip bench that belonged to my husband's grandparents. The angel was a gift from a friend this past December after my mother passed away.

Boy I love ready to enjoy the outdoors.
 Daughter going all street on us.

 Walked with Linda this afternoon.

 Daffodils. My favorite!

More. :)
I bought this blanket while in Mexico on a mission trip when I was 16. I have always loved it for the memories it holds within its fibers, but I love it also for the reminder of all that my parents provided in my life and allowed me to do as a young girl. This blanket is becoming very thin in places, but I will continue to use it until I can only save a corner.

To see some amazing 10 on 10 photos, go HERE.http://rebekahgough.blogspot.com/

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