11 April 2013

Recognizing the Blessings

Drained. That's how I feel at the end of this very busy day, but even that is a blessing, isn't it? It is better to be busy than to be idle most of the time. It keeps our minds active and prevents us from pausing too much to dwell on what we think is wrong with or missing from our lives.

Sore muscles. My shins hurt. My ankles hurt. This is a blessing too. It is a reminder of the hard work I accomplished on the walking path, the good for my body things I've done his week.

Rainy weather. Thunder. Lightning. Wind. What do you see in it? My kids see fear when the lightning screams across the night sky and the wind rattles the windows. I see the power of an almighty God, provision for thirsty fields ready to produce new crops, the promise of warmer tomorrows.

It's all in our perspective, isn't it? I never used to imagine myself an optimist, and I don't know that I fit that label now, but I certainly have traveled roads that have taught me to search for blessing where it might be harder to recognize. 

When life rocks your world, find the good. It is there. I promise.

474. The man loves me

477. Listening friend who does not judge when I'm in THIS mood

480. Friends who have no idea how much the fact that they need me is pulling me through this very down day.

521. The tears shed for the good memories

522. Missing her so much it physically hurts...having the kind of mother-daughter relationship worth missing

531. Confession

535. Thunder and lightning

539. Peacefully concluding tense discussion

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