19 February 2007

Turning a Corner

We're moving forward.  We're turning a new corner.  Ever notice what happens when you turn a corner?  You can no longer see what was behind you.  It's gone.  What lies ahead might be new, exciting, and hold great possibilities, but there is still that little bit of sadness that surfaces when we leave something behind.
I'm sure that you are sensing that I'm not talking about driving a car or riding a bicycle around the block.   Last week, we started something new during our family devotional time each evening.  Each time we participate in it, I am moved.  I feel sad that we have left something behind and thrilled that we have moved into a new world, a good place, for sure, with great possibilities, but, all the same, it means that we've left something behind.
"So what is this great milestone?" you ask.  It may not sound like that big of a deal to some, but it brings tears to this mama's eyes.  Eric and I are no longer reading the Bible story to our children each night.  Lukas is reading it.  Not every night, but some nights.  Tonight was one of those nights.  He has a Growing Reader Phonics Bible that we bought him for Christmas.  Each story gets progressively more difficult throughout the Bible adding more sounds and more challenging words.  It is perfect for a young reader.  Of course, I expected him to start at the beginning where the easier stories are, but he did just fine the other night reading about David and Goliath, which is well into the middle.  I can't believe that he is able to do this.
We have definitely turned a corner, and there will be no looking back.  It is like the corner you turn when you graduate from high school or college.  It is like the corner you turn when you get married.   It's like the corner you turn when you choose to have your first child.  They were all great corners to turn, and this is too, and really so much smaller in comparison.  I know it's a good thing.  It's a great thing!  I am so proud of Lukas, but I also know that he is growing up so quickly and right before my eyes.  I know, that is very cliche, but it is also very true.
Sometimes I wish there was a way to freeze frame our lives so that they were little forever, but, of course, that is not what I really want.  I love that they are growing, learning, and changing almost every day.  That's what motherhood is all about, watching them grow, teaching them new things, expanding their horizons and giving them the best chance for success in a difficult world.  But...at times like this all I can think about is my little, helpless baby boy snuggled in my arms.  What happened to days spent like that?  Hmmmm...I guess we turned that corner a long, long time ago, but it doesn't seem like it at all.  It truly seems like it was just yesterday.

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