20 February 2007

Pray Please

Hey blogger friends!  I don' t usually do this, but I am having a very hectic, busy week and could use some prayers.  It isn't going to stop any time soon.  Tomorrow is filled with appointments and a training at church, and Thursday will be packed with me getting ready for a trip and getting groceries and the house ready for Eric and the kids to get along without me for the weekend(not that this is a problem.  They fend quite well without me when I am gone on occasion).  And I still need to figure out when we're going to make it to the library this week since we have a couple of things due that they won't let me renew on-line.  I know I could just stop by and drop it off, but I'd really like to have the time to get some new books.
Anyway, I'm not sleeping well.  Eric and I are both fighting colds (so let me apologize to Mindy, Stacy, and Amy now because I WILL be snoring this weekend.  Truly, I am sorry and will not be offended if anyone decides to bring wax earplugs.  ).  I need some extra energy.  Today I lived on caffeine until I started shaking.  I'm definitely NOT good at holding down my caffeine.  So, no caffeine or at least a reduced amount for tomorrow.
Anyway, not much to report other than that I could use prayers that I sleep well, feel well, and have enough energy to get everything done in the next few days.  I feel bad even asking because I know others are dealing with much worse things right now, but nothing is too small to take to Him in prayer, right?  Thanks for reading this and keeping in touch with our lives, and thanks for your prayers when needed.  I truly appreciate each one of you!

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