14 August 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum

Notification. It's that time of year for homeschooling families. In Ohio, this means that I provide a list of brief objectives and curriculum that will be used and sign a piece of paper assuring the school district that I will teach all the subjects listed in the homeschooling legislation and that my students will participate in 900 hours of schooling throughout the course of the year (which is 12 months in length, by the way). I'll attach a form signed by an assessor stating that my children did indeed accomplish learning during the last school year. That's it. We have little to complain about compared to our homeschooling friends in other, more rigid states. 

Our 2013-2014 notification is mostly done except that our assessment hasn't been accomplished as of yet. As I post this every year, here is a list of what we McEvoys will be learning together this year.

Ava: Grade 4
  • Primary Language Lessons
  • A Reason for Spelling Level B
  • Sonlight Readers (for reading and spelling)
  • Handwriting without Tears Cursive Grade 4
  • Teaching Textbooks Math 4
  • Answers in Genesis God's Design for Life: The Human Body
Lukas: Grade 7
  • Total Language Plus
  • Novels including A Light in the Forest, Treasure Island and others to be decided as part of TLP
  • Poetry and novels including Stone Fox, The Sign of the Beaver, and Rascal as part of a junior high literature group
  • Teaching Textbooks Math 7
  • Apologia Exploring Creation through General Science
Both kids:
  • Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends book and workbook
  • Then Sings My Soul (hymn studies)
  • Time Traveler's History Unit Studies by Homeschool in the Woods (American Explorers, Colonial America, The American Revolution, and Early 19th Century Life)

In addition to this, the kids will be taking part in a monthly homeschooling co-op. While there, they will be taking classes on Ohio History, science, art, and speech. They'll also take a phys ed class, music lessons, and sports and dance. Art and cooking projects will be completed throughout the year using various resources. This list is not comprehensive to say the least, but these are the basics for this school year. I'm excited! That's saying a lot for me!

What will you and your children be learning this year, fellow homeschooler?

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