19 August 2013


Options. There are too many.

Soccer. Dance. Guitar. Piano. Basketball. Literature Club. Saxophone. Music class. Phys Ed class. Trumpet. Monthly co-op. Weekly co-op. Field trips. Church activities. Art class.

When does a homeschooler stay home and learn?

I know, I know. They're all learning opportunities, but, let's face it. There is a line that must be drawn. We can't, nor should we even want, to do it all. 

I also realize that, with the exception of guitar, those music options will be offered in our own home. Still, there is such a thing as overkill.

Our school year hasn't started, and I'm already feeling like something's gotta give. That's never a good sign, is it? I will spend the next few days determining just what has to go. Today, after a nice long talk about just about anything, my son decided that he would probably not play soccer this year. There's one thing off the list, and I didn't have to be the one to say, "What are we cutting?" this time. Woot!

All of those things on that list are good things, aren't they? Great things even! If you have read my blog for long, you know I am a big advocate for the concept that too many good things is a bad thing. This is why we will not be doing all of those things or the countless other options available to us (um...community children's choir, local theater, various other sports, scouts, 4-H, and let's not forget that Ohio just made it legal for homeschoolers to participate in any desired extra-curricular activities at the public schools). 


Science, math, language arts, reading, read-alouds, spelling, history, hand writing, Bible memory work...it all has to make the cut. We're talking about priorities here, and, since my personal sanity is above all of these things, some big decisions need to be made!

The next time my non-homeschooling readers are tempted to ask a homeschooling parent how they make sure their kid is getting enough "socialization," refer to this blog post. This homeschooling mama is just trying to make sure we stay home enough to get the job done well. 

Besides, have you met my kids? If you have, then you already know, socialization is so not their problem!

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  1. Hi! Came across your blog from Simple Woman. I too homeschool and it made me smile when I read this entry ~ there have been school years when I have said, we need to put the 'home' back in homeschooling. haha! Blessings, EMichelle