20 March 2014

Four Seasons: 30 Days SPRING Day 1

 It may seem that all my posts involve The Simple Woman lately. That might be because...It's true. She has been inspiring me to get back into the habit of regular blog posts, and blog posts are good for me. Her newest challenge is called Four Seasons: Thirty Days. Not only is it a blogging challenge, but it is also a photo challenge (and now you know how perfect this is for me!!!). 

Starting today, the first day of spring, and continuing for 30 days, post a photo of what spring looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like...whatever you like. The challenge will continue during the first 30 days of each of the four seasons. It sounds lovely to me. Noticing the change of seasons is one of my favorite things, and it is why I have always said that I love living in a part of the world where we experience all four seasons in all their created glory. There is nothing like the first green stems of a bunch of daffodils peaking through the mud after a frigid winter, the spark of a streak of lightning against the dark sky of a summer thunderstorm, the amber-brown arboreal rainbow of fall, or the first magical snowflakes of winter. This capturing of seasonal splendor can only bring joy to my heart!

So, I'm giving it a try. I hope you will too. Won't it be both interesting and refreshing to watch spring appear not only outside our doors but through the eyes of women all over the blogosphere who are taking the time to notice as God re-creates our world? 

Spring. I love it.

Since it was a drab, rather wintery feeling day outside, I'll begin my 30 days with this sweet little teapot. My mama gave this to me several years ago, and I had all but forgotten about it until my husband recently found it hiding in a closet upstairs. I waited until today to place it on the mantle as a "first day of spring" moment of grandeur. Or whatever it was. Doesn't it look springy to you? What I love about this particular tea pot is that Mom carefully chose it from her collection just for me. And? It is perfectly suited to me. It looks like something I would have chosen for myself. My mama knew me well.

Do you feel like taking some seasonal photographs? Need to get your blog going again? Now's the time! How long does it take to take a photo and post it each day? No long explanations needed. Just snap and post! 

Join us HERE for the link up.


  1. Bless your heart! Thank you for your kind words and I am SO glad that I am inspiring you :-)

  2. I love your "springy" teapot. After a 5 year "blogging break" I've opened it up again to participate in Peggy's challenge. :)

  3. Lovely little teapot and definitely very springy!

  4. Love the teapot and the story of your Moma.