23 May 2014

Easy. Change.


Some change is good, some is bad. Sometimes it is just what we need, and sometimes it is beyond our reach. Sometimes change happens without our consent, and sometimes we are the instigators. 

If a particular change is good, just what we need, within our reach, and we are the instigators of it, it should be easy, right? If a particular change provides for our needs better, puts us in the center of God's will, grows us, stretches us, brings us blessing beyond measure, peace that surpasses human understanding, and joy, then shouldn't it be easy?

I wish it were so.

Easy. Change. 


Pray for our family. God is doing amazing things here at the McEvoys, with the McEvoys, for the McEvoys. He is good, and we see His hand carving the beautiful moments of our life's journey with pristine detail. He knows us, and He loves us, and He has stirred our hearts with excitement.

He is God. And any change He wants for me is a change I want.

But easy?

Nope. Change isn't easy.

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