02 February 2007

Growing Up

Children grow so quickly, and what do parents do about it?  We encourage it.  That's right.  We desire for these sweet, precious bundles to remain small, innocent, full of energy and bursting with joy forever, and, still, we push and prod them towards adulthood sometimes gently and sometimes with a good kick in the pants.  Isn't that what all good parents do?
Today was the day that Lukas got his first "allowance."  I'm not going to debate with you about the pros and cons of giving a child an allowance.  It is something that we have decided to do for many reasons.  It is going to be good for him.
We are excited that Lukas will be learning good practices for dealing with his money starting now rather than when he gets his first job, goes to college, or, worse yet, when he gets married.  We are giving him ten dimes each Friday.  It makes it so much easier to teach the concept of giving 10%, saving 10%, and using the rest for worthy purchases.  Of course, Lukas is simply thrilled to have any money at all and wants to spend it right away, so the "worthy purchase" part might come with a little trial and error, but that's part of the purpose of doing this.
So, you see, we are encouraging him to grow up too quickly right before our very eyes.  Sigh.  My baby boy is getting an allowance.  I can't believe he's old enough to be learning about money at all, but he definitely is.  It's part of his kindergarten math program, so it must be time.  Sigh and sigh again.  Where does the time go?
Anyone have suggestions on how we can tie this into Lukas' responsibility chart?  I don't think he's really old enough for the "pay your sibling to do the work."  Well, actually, I don't think his sibling is old enough for that.  I just want him to recognize that he is getting this because he is being a responsible family member and doing his part.  Make sense?  Anyway, we're still working on that part.  We'll figure it out!
I think I'll go give my kiddos some extra goodnight kisses while they still let me!  Oh gosh...side note here...Lukas is scouring the house for "Blankie," who is a HE by the way.  I guess he isn't growing up too quickly if he still calls Blankie by name and refers to HIM by gender rather than as an "it."  I truly enjoy this part of childhood.  Children are so sweet, and I enjoy their innocense.  Good night all!

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