01 February 2007

Ava or Eva

I just wanted to write briefly to let you know that I will now be more forgiving of those people who mispell my precious Ava's name.  My friend Amy Murphy graciously wrote to me in an e-mail to point out that her husband also assumed it was spelled with an E.  Why?  Because Eva Peron's name is spelled with an E but pronounced the same as our little Ava, with the long a sound.  I hadn't really thought of that before.   When we named Ava, we were only thinking of people like Ava Gardner, who spell it with an A.  (No, she isn't named after Ava Gardner.)  Anyway, as long as it gets pronounced correctly, I don't really care all that much.  Yesterday was simply rant and rave day.  I have no other explanation for my cranky behavior. 
Also...the tax deadline has passed and I have my husband back.  The kids are thrilled, and so am I.  We went out tonight, and while the kids played on the mall playground, I went shopping ALONE while Eric watched them.  It was soooo refreshing to simply be by myself for a little while.  I needed that time.  Plus, I found some great sensitive earrings at Icing that were BOGO, and I need new earrings.  I gave all mine away years ago when I developed a reaction to them.  Now I have found out that I can wear either real gold (yeah, right), or the nickel-free ones that are for sensitive ears.  So, I'm trying to replenish my earrings since I seriously have 3 pair that I can wear right now(Well, not anymore, now I have 9 pair, and I only spent $14!).
I am so babbling.  You know, when I started this blog I thought it would be a creative space for me to hone my writing skills.  Now it has become a place where I just babble about random things or whatever is on my mind, mostly my kids.  I barely think about sentence structure or vocabulary, and if I'm not sure how to spell a word, I rarely take the time to look it up.  I mean, really, no one is publishing me here, right?  You are a brave person if you are still reading this regularly!  Thanks for stopping by!

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