06 February 2007


"Snow, snow, snow, snow!"  Picture the cast of White Christmas singing their hearts out!  I love that movie, and I love snow!  I am so excited that it is finally snowing here enough to actually cover the grass.  It is hard to believe that it took until February to get this much snow.  Truthfully, we're getting just enough to cover the grass.  I'd like to get dumped on, but this still makes me happy! 
Why is it that snow makes me so happy?  I'm trapped inside with my kiddos who are begging to go outdoors(They can't because it is super cold), which is just annoying, but still I love looking out my window and seeing a landscape blanketed in pure white.  It's beautiful, refreshing, and peaceful.  Maybe it's the nostalgia of it.  I remember snow days when we lived along the Walhonding River in Warsaw.  I can't tell you how beautiful it is too look outside to see trees covered in ice and snow, an ice jam in the river also covered in snow, and a nice little hill the perfect size for little girls to sled down for hours also blanketed in white.  Oh, and the island across the ice jam in the middle of the river was white too, as well as the farm across the field.  Nothing can cheer up drab, seemingly lifeless trees and a mowed over hayfield like a fresh coating of white flakes.
I'd like to stay here in my nostalgic state thinking about how beautiful the snow is, but I'm not so naive that I don't realize that there are hundreds of people working tonight to clear the roads.  My grandfather and my uncle did that job for years.  When I was in high school, my Uncle Dan timed it perfectly so that he could stop by just as our lights came on the morning of a snow storm so that he could get his thermos filled with hot coffee, get some breakfast to go, and continue on his all night quest to clear the roadways for the school buses.  It's a noble job that sometimes gets overlooked.  Thank your plow workers.  They truly deserve it!

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