23 September 2006

Deep Thoughts by Eric

Hey all, this is Eric writing today.  I just wanted to share some thoughts with you that came to mind the other day.

One day last week my family and I went to Dairy Queen for dinner.  After dinner, of course, we got ice cream.  I ended up getting one of my favorites, a banana split blizzard.  This just happened to remind me  of a testimony I once shared at a Chorale concert several years ago. 

I was asked to give a testimony that would be positive and uplifting during a concert.  I thought and thought about what I would say.  I kept drawing a blank.  Finallly, the Lord laid on my heart the most unique testimony I think I have ever given in my entire life, even to date (and I worked as a children's pastor and have done some pretty crazy things with them.)  Here is what the Lord laid on my heart.

On the way to the concert, the Chorale stopped at a Dairy Queen.  I got a Banana Split Blizzard.  If you think about the ingredients of this frozen delight, there are many things.  You have bananas, strawberries, chocolate, pineappe, and vanilla ice cream.Each of these individual ingredients represent the many different people in the world, their races, personalities, etc.  But if you notice one thing that the ingredients all have in common.  They are all held together by the vanilla ice cream.  Who does the vanilla ice cream represent you ask?  It represents God.  He is the creator of all of us.  Without him we wouldn't exist.  He is the one common denominator that we are all searching for to fill the void in our hearts.

As I sit and type this blog, a revision to this testimony has been laid upon my heart.  The ingredients still represent the people of the world and the vanilla ice cream represents the world in which we live.  All of which are God's creation. 

You ask, "Where is God in all of this?"  He is there.  Unseen.  Without Him we wouldn't exist.  "Who represents God in this frozen testimony?"  The long awaited answer is here.  The DQ employee who made the delectible dessert.

I hope this has touched your hearts.  I can't say warmed your hearts because it is about ice cream, however I do hope you see the spiritual application of the Banana Split Blizzard.

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