21 September 2006

T is for Toddler

Today at exactly 1:00 PM Eastern-Standard time, Toddler Naptime War was declared at the the McEvoy household.  Here is a run-down of each battle.

1.  One Tired Toddler proceeded to go upstairs, use the potty, and then walked into Mommy's room to jump on the bed.  Mommy then proceeded to pick her up, carry her to her own bedroom and place her in her own bed. 

Battle Number One...Mommy 1, Toddler 0  

2.  After receiving several kisses, hugs, and a few kind words directing her to stay in bed, One Tricky Toddler waited until Mommy was in the shower to climb out of bed.  During the 20 long minutes that Mommy enjoyed a nice, hot shower all by herself,  Tricky Toddler proceeded to terrorize her bedroom and jump on her bed until she heard the bathroom door open.  She then jumped into bed, covered her head, and pretended she was sleeping until Mommy uncovered her head, lectured her, and tucked her snuggly back into bed.

Battle Number Two...Mommy 2, Toddler 1 (at least I got to take a long shower alone, so we'll call it a tie)

3.  A new tactic was used by Mommy.  While this Theatrical Toddler was playing in her bedroom, Mommy completely ignored the situation until big brother woke up from his nap.  Mommy then proceeded to allow big brother to come downstairs while telling the Theatrical toddler that she had to stay in her room. 

Battle Number Three...Mommy 3, Toddler 1

4.  Tantruming Toddler began to howl and cry until Mommy came upstairs and picked her up for another talk. 

Battle Number Four...Mommy 3, Toddler 2

5.  Mommy carried her now Tickled Pink Toddler to Mommy's bedroom where they both layed down together.  Mommy closed her eyes tightly pretending to sleep.  Toddler began singing "Jesus Loves Me" while stroking Mommy's hair.  Toddler then started squeezing Mommy's nose, pulling on Mommy's eyelids to get them to open, patting Mommy's cheeks, kicking Mommy's tummy, and rolling back and forth and up and down the bed for half an hour. (Go ahead and laugh at this part)

Battle Number Five...Mommy 3, Toddler 3

Regardless of the tie score,   I think it is obvious who won this war.  Unfortunately, this  Triumphant Toddler is now very tired and tempermental, and she meets all the criteria used to identify a child as a member of the "Terrible Twos."  Oh well, we still think she's a pretty Terrific Toddler. 

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