01 November 2006

It's Going to be Okay

That's what I kept telling myself when the batteries in my camera died last night at the trunk or treat festival we attended.  You all know how much I love photography, so you can imagine that I was upset when I couldn't take pictures of my cute little children at this special event.  I totally let this steal my joy.  I moped around the entire evening wishing that I had a photo of the kids checking out the firetruck, the pirate ship, getting candy, and climbing on the inflatables.

I know what you're thinking.  How childish is that!  That's what I'm thinking too.  Fortunately, my attitude changed when God let me see through a window into my child's heart.

Lukas was half-way up the inflatable slide when he turned around to see if Ava was keeping up.  The person in charge kept telling him to keep going, but he kept turning around to check on Ava.  When he got to the top, instead of rushing to the slide and tumbling down it as quickly as he could, he crouched at the top of the ladder waiting on his sister, and he even reached for her a couple of times. 

Well, she made it to the top, and they took a seat and went down the slide together.  Their smiles were as wide as the slide itself, and I nearly had tears in my eyes after what I had just witnessed.  And the biggest thing that hit me at that moment was this...A camera could never have captured this moment.  If I was looking through the camera lens, I might have missed this precious moment.  How dare I let a lack of photos from one evening steal my joy?

My little boy loves his little sister with all his heart.  It wasn't as if he had to wait for his sister.  Afterall, there was a huge, very fun slide waiting for him at the top, and this was one of his favorite things to do.  But...he chose to exhibit character that even I, as an adult, struggle with from time to time.  Don't we all?

And so...I don't have a lot of great photos from our evening, but I do have one good one that I took after my brother-in-law gave me some new batteries.  Click on the link below, and it will take you to see Princess Ava and Mr. Incredible!

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