31 December 2006

Sunday Update

I talked to my dad a little while ago.  Grandpa's condition hasn't changed much since yesterday, but they are moving him to a different floor.  For some reason, he was on a surgical floor, and now they are moving him to the cancer unit.  Seems to make a little more sense anyway.

From what my Dad understands, they plan to administer another radiation treatment to see how his body reacts over the 24 hours afterward.   Dad is going back to the hospital this evening and plans to spend the night there with Grandpa.  Since there are so many siblings (9), they don't all need to be there at the same time, so Dad is taking the night shift.  Yesterday Grandpa had visits from at least 4 sons, 2 of my cousins, and our family also.   Since it is an hour long trip, I will probably wait a day or so before going back since it appears that he is stable.
Thank you for your prayers and for your kind comments either here on my blog or via e-mail.  I truly appreciate it.  You are all a blessing to me!

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