04 January 2007

My Love of Homeschooling

I had to take Lukas to the pedi again today.  He has a sinus affection again, and this time his eye is infected.  It is actually kind of gross looking, but it's not pink eye, thank goodness.  He just finished his last antibiotic over the weekend, and now he's on a stronger one for 5 days.
When I called to make the appointment, they set it up with a different pedi than we usually see.  That was fine with me.  I just wanted him to see someone so that we could get meds ASAP.  During the visit, we found out that the doctor we saw today is actually a homeschooler himself!  He and his wife have been homeschooling their kids for 20 years!  If I had more time, I would have picked his brain big time.  I love talking to experienced homeschoolers!
The funny part was that he asked me what curriculum we were using before he told me that they homeschooled.  I thought, "He's a doctor.  I could totally make something up and he wouldn't know."  But...I didn't make anything up, of course, and then he told me what they've used.  A little of everything, which is what most people say.  I so wish there was a cookie-cutter way to do this sometimes just so that I know I'm getting it right.  But then, that would defeat the entire purpose of homeschooling, now wouldn't it?
I, of course, do not want more regulations or anything like that either.  I just want a homeschooling mentor or two who can reassure me and give me advice now and then.  Sometimes I feel so insecure as a new homeschooler, but then I see how much Lukas is learning and how eager he is to keep learning.  That's really all the satisfaction I need to keep going.  Plus, Ava is interested as well.  She loves to sit with me while I read to her, and she is usually at the table with us during school time coloring, learning numbers, or making crafts with us.  What better way to spend my days? 
I am so blessed to homeschool.  I can't even describe to those of you who have never experienced homeschooling how amazing it is.  It's worth the time I put into it and then some.  It brings joy to me daily, and I know that I am helping my kids form a life-long love of learning that they may not ever have found otherwise.  Plus, wouldn't we all have excelled more and retained more if our education was perfectly suited for our learning style and capabilities?
Anyway...I'm nearing a soapbox now, so I'll wrap this up.  I'm not naive enough to think that everyone should homeschool, but I love it, and it's definitely the best choice for us and our kids.  I love talking about it with anyone who will listen, and you, my readers, got to hear about it tonight. 

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