07 January 2007

Grandpa, Etc...

Grandpa is back in the hospital, but they don't believe that it's cancer related.  Grandpa was home alone for part of the night and morning today.  His neighbor went to check on him around 10:30 and found him on the floor.  The pain in his leg had caused him to fall, and he was too weak to get up on his own.  On top of this, he has a stomach virus.  He has been admitted to the Coshocton County Memorial Hospital because of dehydration.  They are running tests to make sure that this is only a stomach virus.  Since my dad and others affectionately call Coshocton's hospital a "band-aid station," I'm not feeling inclined to worry too much about Grandpa right now.  If he were in danger, Coshocton would transfer him to a larger facility.  If anything else happens, I'll keep you posted.

In other news, Ava did make it through the night on Friday with dry undies.  I'm sure you were all waiting on the edge of your seats to hear the results of her diaper-free night.    Last night she was back in a pull-up because the kids ended up staying at Eric's brothers house for the evening.  Originally, our nephew, Jochen, was going to come here to babysit, but he was sick.  His parents called and offered to keep our kids overnight at their house so that they could make sure Jochen took the right meds when he was supposed to.  He wasn't contagious, so it didn't take us long to decide that this was a good idea for us!

The kids had a great time with their cousins, and we had a great time with friends.  Our small group from church all decided to go to Saturday night church, and then we headed downtown to Buca di Beppo.  We had never been there, but now that we have been there, we are big fans.  The food was great, but the time we had there was even better.  We laughed harder than we have laughed in a long time, and that was much needed.  We are truly blessed to be a part of a phenomenal small group.

So that's what we've been up to this weekend.  We managed to un-decorate, but I haven't had a chance to put all my regular decor back up yet.  I was busy doing other household chores today, and now I've got to finish this week's school plans.  You would think that I would have these done since I just had a break, but I don't.  Well, I'm probably about half-way done with them.  I just need to write it all down.  I know some homeschoolers probably don't take the time to write it all down, but I absolutely have to.  It's ingrained in me for some reason.  Maybe it's the education degree.  Nah.  It's just me. 
Well, I'm starting to babble again, so I'll wrap this up.  Have a happy Monday everyone!

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