31 January 2007

Unrelated Thoughts

The following things are totally unrelated to each other:

1.  A conversation with Lukas:  "Why is it called a butterfly?"  "Ummm, I don't know.  Oh!  Because that's what Adam named it.  Remember that Adam got to name all the animals?"  "Oh, that's right.  It's Adam's fault."  My assumption from this is that Lukas believes that Adam made a poor choice in choosing the word butterfly for this beautiful creature.  (We're not even going to try to account for the fact that Adam may have spoken a completely different language.)

2.  Our reading curriculum...I love, love, love our reading curriculum.  BUT...Today I have my first complaint.  Why in the same unit that we are focusing on the "Magic E Rule" in which the e at the end of a word changes a short vowel sound to a long vowel sound (this was introduced a couple months ago, but this unit is driving it hard), anyway...why do they want my child to memorize site words like gone and done, which are completely confusing in themselves because they look the same and sound completely different?  (Wow, that was one very long sentence.)Time for some flash cards.

3.  Can I sing well...I don't know anymore.  We do a lot of singing in our household.  I starting singing to both of my kids inutero, and the singing has not stopped ever since.  But now I'm wondering, can I actually sing well?  You may wonder why this is.  Well, dear, sweet Ava has started singing while nodding her head quickly up and down to create the effect of a very bad sounding vibrato(you can laugh at this because it truly is hilarious.  I wish I could describe it better).  Now I assume that since I am the one she hears singing  most often that she is trying to mimic me.  And so I wonder...can sing at all or I am like one of those crazy people who audition for American Idol and really, truly believe that they are great singers only to find out from Simon and the gang that they totally stink?  And on that note, some of them actually have family members along with them who also really, truly believe these people can sing.  Last night this cute little southern girl went in and sang her heart out.  Her family and friends were waiting outside rejoicing because she was hitting all the right notes (their words, not mine).  I actually felt sorry for this girl when I heard her sing because she truly believed that she could sing, and all of these other people who were supporting her were telling her that she could sing.  I am telling you, the girl could not sing.

4.  Too much information for some of you...but today I am cranky mommy and it is all Eve's fault.

5.  PRAYER REQUEST...Now this one is actually serious.  If you actually stop by to read this today, Jan. 31st, pray for Eric and Bob, my father-in-law.  They are super stressed today with their deadline for mailing quarterly tax reports and W2s coming at midnight tonight.  The W2s are done, but they still have some reports to finish up and they are really feeling the stress.  Pray for focus, few interuptions, and that they make it to the main post office by midnight!

6.  I almost forgot this one...I understand when people spell Lukas' name wrong.  We're the dumb parents who spelled it with a K, but we had very good intentions of calling him LUKE not Lukas, and then we never dropped that second syllable.  So, basically, there is a purpose to the K.  BUT...I do not understand how people can mispell AVA.  It looks exactly the way it sounds.  I cannot tell you how often people spell her name with an E at the beginning.  Blog readers, let me share with you...AVA is pronounced with a long A sound at the beginning and EVA is pronounced with a long E sound at the beginning.  This is not hard.  And...when my wonderful 5 year old tells you that you have spelled his sister's name wrong, don't tell him that it is okay because it isn't okay!  Fix the problem.  (I told you I was cranky mommy today and you kept reading.  Maybe later I'll write again and confess my bad attitude while laying prostrate on the ground and weeping.) 

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