22 February 2007

Getting Away

I am going away for the weekend!  I am meeting three of the greatest people I know, Amy, Mindy, and Stacy, for a much needed weekend away just for the girls.  I cannot wait to get there!  I cannot wait to see them, and I cannot wait to spend a whole weekend just hanging out together the way we once could when we all lived in the same community.  We are a little more scattered now.  Amy and Mindy are still in the same town, but Stacy and I have had to move away.  I'm the furthest away, so I haven't seen any of them since last March.  Have I mentioned how excited I am?  Have I mentioned that I cannot wait to get there?
I am fighting a sinus infection still, but now I have fellow soldiers enlisted to fight the battle with me...antibiotics, allegra, and singulair.  I finally went to the doctor to get medicine today and should be on my way to feeling better in 48 hours or so, according to the doctor.  Of course, if I had gone to the doctor a month ago when I first ran out of my allergy meds, I probably wouldn't have the sinus infection in the first place, but that is quite beside the point!
Thanks to those of you who prayed for my energy level this week.  I have made it through my very busy week.  You might want to pray for Eric now.  He'll be alone with the kiddos all weekend.  I'm not concerned though.  He's a pretty capable Daddy.  I'm sure I'll have much to tell (or maybe I'll keep it all secret) when I get back.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I am certain that I will!

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