29 June 2007

Funky Town Express

The first through fifth graders at our church attend a weekly children's program called Funky Town.  In the summer months, Funky Town goes on the town, so to speak.  Instead of a traditional VBS program, we do a three night park ministry at three local parks each night, and we call it Funky Town Express.  Last week was the week of Funky Town Express, and I think that all the kids who were there had a great time learning about becoming ambassadors for Jesus.  Cool theme, don't you think?  My kids really seemed to grasp the idea.
On Thursday evening we noticed dark skies as we headed to the first park.  From the back seat of the van I heard this:
"Oh no! It's gonna rain!  We won't get to be ambassadors for Jesus tonight!" (Lukas)
"Oh no!  I hope dere's not funder."  (Ava)
Okay...so at least Lukas got the idea.  Ava was attentive and involved, which is a big deal for her.  I was proud of both of them.  We did get rained out at two of three locations on Thursday, but I think we were all pleased with the results of the week.  This is a very rewarding ministry.
Last Friday night was a free night, so we had a family craft night with all the Express crafts.  I hope that the other families had as much fun with the crafts as we did.  My kids loved doing the crafts!
Oh, goodness, I have to mention this.  The kids were making cross necklaces, and I asked Ava to count her beads (I knew there were 10 because I helped put the craft kits together).  This is what she said..."One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, ocho, nueve"(she left off 10 all together).  Seriously.  She switched languages to Spanish and did it correctly.  Special thanks go to Dora the Explorer and her snazzy cousin Diego.  I still can't believe she pulled that one off.
Saturday evening was our annual church carnival followed by the Grove City fireworks.  Our kids had a blast eating too many sweets, sliding and hopping on the inflatables, digging for treasure, playing games, and much, much more.  We had fun too since any time we get to bless our kiddos with something fun like a carnival puts a smile on our faces as well.
We ended Funky Town Express with an outdoor church service on Sunday.  The kids got to perform a song they learned, and we had several people who were baptized.  I loved worshipping outdoors.  It reminded me of an old-fashioned tent revival except that I don't know of any old-fashioned tent revivals where the music rocked the house (or tent) quite like our worship band does.
Check out picks of Express HERE.
Carnival and church pics are HERE.

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